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[the following is just extraced from my old Autark-homepage. Autark will not be longer released...]

Autark#1 Screenshot Autark is a new diskmag done by n-Factor. A diskmag is nothing other than a digital magazine, which contains an interface and tons of articles. Autark runs under MS-DOS and requires a 386er and a VGA-card. If you are the lucky owner of a soundcard (Gravis Ultrasound or Soundblaster) you will also hear the chooseable background tunes.

Autark has a scene-, a politic- and a music-part. The scene-part contains a top10, messages, adverts, party-results and certainly articles about the Autark#1 Screenshot PC-scene. We are always looking for writers, so if you want to contribute to Autark, just send us your articles, votes, messages and adverts!
The interface of Autark is one of the best of its kind. Autark is the only mag, which features picture-in-text, links, proportional-text and text & graphic alignment. Chooseable different fonts, fontsizes and -colours are some of the other possibilities for the layout of the articles.

The whole mag can be controlled by keyboard as well as by mouse with the mousecontrol being positionsensitive.

The Autark-staff

Code   Prodatron / n-Factor
Graphics   Cider / n-Factor
Maineditor Scenepart   Diskhawk / n-Factor
Maineditor Politicpart   Leather Rebel
Maineditor Musicpart   Hypnom

Download Autark!

Autark Preview (242.892 Bytes)
The preview of Autark, which contains some info-articles and a realtime-report from the UC][e party in Bingen.
Autark #1 (1.443.318 Bytes)
The premier issue of Autark.