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Digitrakker 3.2 Screenshot [the following is just extraced from my old Digitrakker-homepage. Digitrakker PC isn't longer supported by me. Through a harddisc-crash I lost all sources... :-(]

DIGITRAKKER PC is a musicprogram for the IBM compatibles. It runs under DOS and requires a Soundblaster or a Gravis Ultrasound soundcard. Digitrakker is shareware, but the fee is only 15$ or 20 DM. The shareware version doesn't have any limits.

Digitrakker is based on the Amiga Protracker, the music consists of pattern and instruments. One pattern contains up to 32 channels and up to 256 notelines. The songlist lays down, which pattern will be played at which position. The instruments, which can be used in the patterns, consist of samples, volume-, panning- and frequency-envelopes and some more parameters.

Digitrakker supports the following musikformats: MDL (DigiTrakker), MOD (Protracker, Noisetracker, Startracker, Fasttracker, Taketracker, Octalizer etc...), S3M (Screamtracker 3), XM (Fasttracker 2, Digitrakker), DMF (X-Trakker), PTM (Polytracker), MTM (Multitracker), ULT (Ultratracker), 669 (Composer 669), FAR (Farandole Composer) and DSM (Dynamic Studio). It saves in MDL or XM format.

Just click on the screenshot to download the newest version of Digitrakker.


Channels   32
Instruments   255, 16 samples/instr.
Envelopes   3x64, 15 points, loop&sustain
Samples   255, 4GB/sample, 8/16 bit
Patterns   255
Song-Positions   255
Octaves   10
Effects   40; volume + 2 effects for each note

4-,6-,8- and 18-channel pattern-display
Variable C-4 Frequency for each sample
long song- & sample-names (32 chars)
names for every pattern and channel
redefineable effect-command names
new superior instrument-system
full-screen pattern-editor
high song-file compression
pattern-hardcopy function
built in sample-editor
redefineable keyboard
built in screensaver
song-message editor
MIDI-in support
and more . . .

Download Digitrakker!

DigiTrakker 3.2 (264.496 Bytes)
The latest version of Digitrakker. Many new features, like SB16 and MIDI-support and much more.
n-Play (55.255 Bytes)
The simple but nice player for Digitrakker MDL-songs. Plays also XM, MOD, S3M, DMF, MTM, PTM, FAR, 669, ULT and DSM. Supports GUS and Soundblaster.