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After changing from CPC to PC in early 1994 I got in contact with CiDER. We founded n-Factor, which should became our PC-demogroup. Later we get many more members and released several productions. I coded "1st Infection", a demo, "Digitrakker", a music-program, "Autark", a diskmag and several smaller things for n-Factor. It was a very crazy time full of giant, sleepless demo-parties in several countries. On this page you can download most of our releases. We also have our own official homepage, which has been created by BeXXX. Well, this page is nearly as old as our group (good old 1995 website-style!). So, for more information about n-Factor please visit this website. The two n-Factor logos on this page were painted by CiDER.

Productions and Releases

Here you can download most of our releases. This is a mirror of the productions-page of the original n-Factor homepage.

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Our History

Well, this is only the short version written by BeXXX/n-Factor... ;-) [from our homepage]